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Rhombus Energy Solutions Announces UL Certification of Its Advanced Power Conversion System

Newly Certified Inverter Brings High Power Option to Energy Storage & Microgrid Markets

SAN DIEGO, CA–(Marketwired – October 14, 2015) – Rhombus Energy Solutions, Inc. (Rhombus), an industry leader in advanced power conversion solutions, announced today that it has successfully completed UL1741 / IEEE1547 certification testing of its RBES-125kW Bi-Directional Power Conversion System (PCS) and will have full UL certification in October. The 125kW PCS offers high power density and market-leading efficiency, while minimizing the total installed cost, by being fully self-contained with integrated grid isolation transformer and closed loop liquid cooling system.

Rhombus’ GM Kent Harmon commented, “We are excited to now offer our UL certified product that has a history of outstanding reliability, advanced control and functionality. This certification, conducted by UL North America, was achieved in record time due to our comprehensive understanding of IEEE1547 requirements, and utilizing our high powered research and development testing facility in Dearborn, MI.”

Leveraging over 10 years of producing highly reliable, field proven PCS technologies, this 125kW single stage, grid optimized PCS offers the industry a leading solution for energy storage, frequency regulation, peak shaving, load leveling and other power management functions. “Obtaining a UL listing on our 125KW product demonstrates our technical superiority can easily be applied to our customers’ needs to meet the most challenging safety and certification standards.” says Joseph Gottlieb, CTO of Rhombus.

Rhombus will be exhibiting at Energy Storage North America (ESNA), October 14-15, 2015 at the San Diego Convention Center (Booth 131), and will be presenting their new 60kW Universal Power Conversion (UPC), Multi-Port, hybrid system which can output dual 30kW, or 60kW on a single chassis, marketed for commercial building uses or microgrid applications.

About Rhombus Energy Solutions, Inc.

Rhombus develops innovative, high-efficiency power conversion and energy management systems for energy storage, renewable energy, vehicle charging, microgrid and test equipment applications. Rhombus offers standalone products, power conversion modules, semi-custom configurations, as well as contracted product development services and high-power certification testing including UL1741 & IEEE1547. Rhombus also offers VectorStat cloud-based analytics and monitoring for power systems with remote, real-time management.

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