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10 Electric Vehicles Myths – FAKE NEWS!

(Rick Sanders, CEO, Tuesday, September 17, 2019)

When technological innovation threatens to upend the status quo, the status quo fights back. Every time. I try to keep that in mind when observing oil industry-backed efforts to discredit electric vehicles (EVs) and dismantle progress on transportation electrification by peddling misinformation through industry-funded studies. To give you a sense of the absurdity of these efforts, imagine Bell Communication publishing a report suggesting cell phones are less convenient than landlines. Or Blockbuster paying for an analysis showing Netflix makes watching movies more difficult,” explained Christine Todd Whitman, former governor of New Jersey. “As one might expect when an industry contemplates its own obsolescence, the oil industry is doing everything possible to delay the inevitable — including funding questionable research.

And couple that with Consumer Report’s observation that automakers and dealers are not marketing electric vehicles to consumers. This creates an environment rife for misinformation to fill that information void.

Ten of the most prevalent myths regarding electric vehicles:

  • Batteries- There are myths regarding batteries for electric vehicles ranging from their price, lifespan, world lithium supplies, to risk for explosions;
  • Water- Apparently, some people would like you to believe that your electric vehicle cannot get wet, from a car wash or the rain;
  • Performance- Concerns center on power and speed;
  • Range- You will not make it to the grocery store and back;
  • Expense- There are myths regarding the expense of purchasing and maintaining electric vehicles;
  • Electricity Demand- The grid cannot handle the demand! The infrastructure does not exist! (The sky is falling- but, at least it is not rain!);
  • Charging Time- How long do they take to charge? Days, weeks, months?
  • Banned!- Rumor is that electric vehicles are banned from some major roadways (that is going to be one heck of a ticket!);
  • Gas Powered Cars are Popular Now and Later- Stick with the popular kids;
  • Weight- Electric vehicles weigh so much that…?

We will address each of these myths and fill in any information gaps regarding the electric vehicle market. As a side note, you never want to drive in Southern California in the rain, but it is NOT because of the electric vehicles on the road!

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