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Data Matters, But Only If You Can Use It

(Rick Sander, CEO, Tuesday February 4th, 2020)

The value of data to modern enterprises is not just an established fact – it is almost religion these days. However, just having data large amounts of data alone is not valuable to your business. You have to be able to manage and analyze this data to find its hidden meanings (and its value). That is the reason why so many companies are spending money on data analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), data mining, and other techniques and strategies to extract business intelligence from their data. It is also the reason that data science is now a field in its own right, and it is also why data management systems such as Splunk, Exabeam, and JASK are all the rage in the security information and event management (SEIM) market.

The energy business is no different in this respect. Understanding how energy is being used when and under what circumstances, as well as which energy resources (utility grid, renewables, vehicle-to-grid power, or other sources) are available when, is critical for managing overall energy costs and availability. This is true whether the use case is fleet electric vehicle (EV) charging, energy storage, or microgrids. In some ways, the case for data management and analysis in the energy management system (EMS) market is even more pronounced – actual money is directly tied to the data. Pulling energy from the grid during peak hours, or putting energy back on the grid during non-peak hours, increases an organization’s operating expenses (OpEx). This isn’t just a missed revenue opportunity – it is real dollars and cents that your company didn’t get (or worse yet, spent) unnecessarily.

As a leader in the development and manufacturing of bi-directional, high-power energy systems and EMS software, Rhombus is dedicated to helping our customer capture and make sense of their energy data. Our VectorStat® product allows customers to gather data from all of the nodes of your infrastructure, regardless of connectivity or network issues. VectorStat’s applet-based open architecture also enables the easy integration of new features and functionality, whether to support new hardware or to provide cutting-edge data analytics capabilities. Find out how we can help you by contacting us at

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