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Lots of Products Being Built in Our New Space

(Rick Sander, CEO, Tuesday, February 25, 2020)

We have been talking a lot recently about helping our customers “get the gold” out of their data, and their investment in energy infrastructure. Seems like a good time to talk about the expansion of our manufacturing spaces, and all of the products we are building! Due to the growth in our business, we recently acquired additional manufacturing, warehousing, and office space in the Dearborn, Michigan industrial park where we build our systems. Our manufacturing space in the industrial park grew from 10,000 ft2 to 40,000ft2. This represents a 4X growth in our manufacturing space, enabling us to ship significantly more built-in-the-US products to our customers.

Pictured below are several of our 60kW Power Control Systems (PCSs) on our assembly line. These units are bi-directional inverters that are utilized for commercial photovoltaic, energy storage, and microgrid applications. These units are highly reliable under very demanding conditions, including continuous operation at rated load for extended periods. These units are also intelligent, and are capable of being controlled by our VectorStat® Energy Management System (EMS) software, enabling customers to reduce their energy costs while ensuring power availability in a variety of circumstances. Those are just a few of the reasons that our customers choose Rhombus Energy Solutions – smart, reliable power solutions embodying centuries of high-power experience!

As a leader in the development and manufacturing of bi-directional, high-power energy systems and EMS software, Rhombus is dedicated to helping our customer capture and make sense of their energy data. Our VectorStat® product allows customers to gather data from all of the nodes of your infrastructure, regardless of connectivity or network issues. VectorStat’s applet-based open architecture also enables the easy integration of new features and functionality, whether to support new hardware or to provide cutting-edge data analytics capabilities. Find out how we can help you by contacting us at

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