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Welcome the VectorStat® VS-10: The Latest Member of the Rhombus Energy Solutions Product Family

(Rick Sander, CEO, Tuesday, March 10, 2020)

Today, Rhombus Energy Solutions announced the launch of the VectorStat VS-10, a Linux single-board computer (SBC) specifically engineered for data collection and analysis in edge deployments (you can read the release here). It is the perfect SBC for a variety of energy applications, including fleet electric vehicle (EV) smart charging/ vehicle-to-grid (V2G) infrastructure instrumentation and management, energy storage solution deployments, and distributed microgrid systems. The Rhombus VectorStat VS-10 will be incorporated into Rhombus Energy Solution EV Charger Power Control Systems (PCSs; pictured below) and energy storage inverters.

Rhombus designed the VS-10 to help a variety of organizations reduce their power costs and significantly increase the reliability and availability of their power solutions. The intelligence that the VS-10 provides for these deployments allows it to perform complex analysis and control operations such as running utility peak shaving algorithms, managing photovoltaic power and energy storage resources, forecasting total system energy usage, and perform maintenance diagnostics and prognostics across an entire charging, energy storage, or microgrid deployment. These capabilities are critical to building a complete “smart energy” solution such as a fleet EV charging solution with V2G capabilities.

As a leader in the development and manufacturing of bi-directional, high-power energy systems and EMS software, Rhombus is dedicated to helping our customer capture and make sense of their energy data. Our VectorStat® product allows customers to gather data from all of the nodes of your infrastructure, regardless of connectivity or network issues. VectorStat’s applet-based open architecture also enables the easy integration of new features and functionality, whether to support new hardware or to provide cutting-edge data analytics capabilities. Find out how we can help you by contacting us at

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