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Implementing VectorStat® in Fleet Electric Vehicle Deployments

(Joseph Gottlieb, CTO, Thursday, March 26, 2020)

We have talked a lot in our last several blogs about the importance of data collection and analysis for fleet electric (EV) vehicle operations. Given that a picture (or an example) can be worth a thousand words, let’s talk about how a fleet EV operator would use VectorStat in a real-world deployment; naturally, we will assume that they are using Rhombus Energy Solution Vehicle to Grid (V2G) capable chargers for their EVs 😊!

Let’s assume that the operator has a fleet of 200 EV vans that are operated in a metropolitan area. The vans deliver consumer goods to consumers between the hours of 8am and 5pm. The vans operate from four different warehouses in the metro area, with 50 vans per warehouse. The vans have a range of 410 miles and a battery capacity of 180kWh (similar to the Rivian R1S SUV); each van typically drives 300 miles per day, with a ±20% variance. The warehouses provide the charging infrastructure for the delivery vans, with each warehouse having fifty 60kW V2G-capable chargers; each charger power control system (PCS) has a VectorStat VS-10 controller in it, which connect via the internet to the cloud as shown below.

The VS-10 in each node collects data from the vehicle’s battery management system (BMS), including the charge remaining in the EV battery pack. Based on the energy polies set by the fleet operator, that power can be put back onto the grid during peak hours, and then the vehicles can be recharged during super-off peak hours. VectorStat can also acquire battery health information from the BMS, as well as charger health information. This information would be sent to fleet operation headquarters, allowing prognostics and diagnostics on the fleet and its supporting charging infrastructure.

As a leader in the development and manufacturing of bi-directional, high-power energy systems for both vehicle charging and photovoltaic solar applications, Rhombus is an expert in the area of V2G charging. Our VectorStat® hardware and software allows customers to gather data from all of their infrastructure  nodes, regardless of connectivity or network issues, to effectively manage their energy resources. VectorStat’s applet-based open architecture also enables the easy integration of new features and functionality, whether to support new hardware or to provide cutting-edge data analytics capabilities. Find out how we can help you by contacting us at

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