Rhombus: Putting All the Pieces Together for M/HD EV Fleet Charging

(Rick Sander, CEO, Tuesday October 27, 2020)

Our last few blogs reminds me of the question I often get from prospective customers – “What is different between your chargers and the ones outside of IKEA?” To me, it is comparable to the difference between a single-engine Cessna and a Boeing 747. They are both airplanes, but with radically different levels of availability, reliability, functionality, and complexity. That has been the point of our past few blogs – illustrating the requirements of charging medium and heavy duty (M/HD) electric vehicle (EV) fleets. For these customers, these requirements mean the difference between their fleets functioning and sitting unusable in a vehicle lot (or alongside the road).

Rhombus chargers have been built specifically for the needs of M/HD EV fleets. Our chargers are designed to run at full rated power output on a continuous basis, across the range of their environmental requirements. These chargers have incredibly high reliability and maintainability, and are built for maximum uptime. Rhombus chargers are also bidirectional, with certification to the UL 1741-SA standard for vehicle to grid (V2G) operation. Most importantly, our chargers are fully software controlled, with an intelligent controller architecture that allows them to easily adapt to interface with new systems and provide enhanced functionality. That is why Rhombus chargers have been utilized by a variety of M/HD fleets to charge their EVs.

Rhombus has built high-power inverters for renewable energy such as “behind the meter” grid energy storage systems for several years. We have applied that expertise to the design of our latest-generation bi-directional EV charging systems (which are designed from the start for the needs of fleet operators) and bi-directional smart inverter systems for microgrids. Rhombus expertise in energy management system (EMS) software is also embedded in our VectorStat EMS controller and software which is embedded in our EV charging systems and smart inverters. Rhombus also excels in the design and testing of high-power electrical equipment to meet the requirements of UL and other certification organizations. We have built hundreds of V2G-capable high-power, high-reliability chargers and bi-directional smart inverters for a variety of different sizes and classes of EVs. Find out how we can help you by contacting us at sales@rhombusenergy.com, or by reading our Vehicle to Grid Solution Brief.