Rhombus 125kW DC Fast Charger Received UL 1741-SA Certification

(Rick Sander, CEO, Tuesday March 9, 2021)

Today, we announced that the Rhombus 125kW DC fast charger was certified by UnderwritersLaboratory to the UL 1741-SA (Standard for Inverters, Converters, Controllers and Interconnection System Equipment for Use With Distributed Energy Resources) specification. This certification, which is required for EV chargers to operate in a bi-directional mode, means that now the medium- and heavy-duty (M/HD) electric vehicle (EV) fleet operators that utilize Rhombus chargers now have two power levels to utilize with their fleet. And both of these chargers are compatible with our EV charging dispenser, which itself is certified to the UL 2202, UL 2231, and CSA C22.2 standards.

More importantly, every Rhombus EV charger is designed and built in the USA in Dearborn, Michigan. This is an important distinction for programs where “Made in America” is a requirement.

Let’s look at other EV charger companies:

  • ABB: ABB is a Swiss company, and they build EV chargers in Italy.
  • BTCPower: While BTCPower is located in the US, they are a part of the German company Innogy SE.
  • Delta: Delta is a Taiwanese company.
  • Efacec: A Portuguese company that was recently nationalized.
  • Power Electronics: A Spanish company that builds its chargers in Valencia, Spain.
  • Tritium: Tritium is an Australian company and builds their chargers there.

If you need chargers built by a US company in the USA for your M/HD EVs, you couldn’t make a better choice than Rhombus – our chargers are built to meet the needs of fleet users.

Rhombus has built high-power DC fast charging systems and smart inverters for renewable energy such as “behind the meter” grid energy storage systems for several years. We have applied that expertise to the design of our latest-generation bi-directional EV charging systems (which are designed from the start for the needs of fleet operators) and bi-directional smart inverter systems for microgrids. Rhombus expertise in energy management system (EMS) software is also embedded in our VectorStat EMS controller and software which is embedded in our EV charging systems and smart inverters. Rhombus also excels in the design and testing of high-power electrical equipment to meet the requirements of UL and other certification organizations. We have built hundreds of V2G-capable high-power, high-reliability chargers and bi-directional smart inverters for a variety of different sizes and classes of EVs. Find out how we can help you by contacting us at news@rhombusenergy.com, or by reading our Vehicle to Grid Solution Brief.