Electric Vehicles Equals “Made In the USA”

(Rick Sander, CEO, Wednesday April 28, 2021)

One of the things about the vehicle electrification push that is great for the United States is that most consumer vehicles available in the US market are made in the USA.

The top 10 EVs in the US based on 2020 registration data are:

    • Tesla’s Model 3 (95,135 vehicles)
    • Tesla Model Y (71,344 vehicles)
    • Tesla Model X (19,652 vehicles)
    • Chevy Bolt (19,664 vehicles)
    • Tesla Model S (14,430 vehicles)
    • Nissan Leaf (8,972 vehicles)
    • Audi E-Tron (7,089 vehicles)
    • Porsche Taycan (3,943 vehicles)
    • Hyundai Kona (#2,964 vehicles)
    • Kia Niro (2,807 vehicles)

The four Tesla models accounted for 79% of 2020 registrations, and all of them were built in California. The Chevy Bolt is manufactured in Orion Michigan, while the Nissan Leaf is built in Smyrna Tennessee. All told, over 93% of these vehicles are made in the USA! The story for medium- and heavy-duty vehicles is similar; most have powertrains built by a handful of US companies (Cummins and Proterra to name a few), as well as US startups building their own powertrains such as Rivian. The only country that is a competitor to the US in the EV market is China (which is #1 in total EV sales worldwide, mostly for their home market). That said, even BYD (the largest manufacturer of EVs in the world) builds its buses destined for the US market at a 450,000 square foot facility in Lancaster California. What does this mean for the US – more new jobs in a market that has been impacted by imports for decades.

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