US Dept of Transportation (DoT) and Dept of Energy (DoE) Research and Development Grants

(Joseph Gottlieb, CTO, Wednesday May 18, 2021)

Historically, the US Government has been one of the biggest external funding sources for transportation innovations such as electric vehicles (EVs). The US Department of Energy (DoE) would focus on funding research into new drivetrain technologies, while theof Transportation (DoT) would help smooth the path to introduce these into production.While the Trump administration largely stunted the funding of electric vehicles and their associated technology, the Biden administration has been reversing this trend with a vengeance. Implementing this sea change has been tasked to Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm and Transportation Secretary Pete Buttegieg.

For manufacturers of EVs and the associated charging equipment (sometimes called electric vehicle supply equipment, or “EVSE”), some examples of new research and development programs funded by these agencies include:

  • A $10M DoE program to reduce the cost of EVSE for DC fast charging.
  • A DoE $20M program to accelerate EV adoption in under-served communities.
  • A $130M DoT program for low- or no-emission buses.
  • The DoT Nationwide Charging Network program, which works to speed the spread of EVSE on specific highway corridors.
  • A new DoT report showing how existing programs can be utilized to fund EV charging infrastructure (these programs encompass nearly $42B in funds).

The entire list of announced DoE EV programs can be found here, while the list of announced DoT programs can be found here (the DoT programs total nearly $174B).

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