What is Electric Vehicle Support Equipment (EVSE)?

Joseph Gottlieb, CTO, Wednesday July 7, 2021

One of the terms that is widely used in the electric vehicle (EV) charging industry is EVSE (electric vehicle support equipment). Generally speaking, EVSE usually is taken to mean the charging infrastructure that supports EVs, but could include energy storage resources, local renewable distributed energy resources (DERs) that have been installed with the chargers, and software used to schedule charging, manage the energy in the DERs, and provide aggregation functionality as the EVSE interfaces with the utility grid. The cost of EVSE also includes the installation costs for the charging infrastructure.

For medium/heavy duty (M/HD) EV installations, installation is a big deal. The typical public transit bus yard or municipal vehicle yard for a larger city likely supports at least one hundred vehicles in a space of perhaps 2 to 3 acres of land. Each bus requires a dispenser, which generally are “remoted” from the power conditioning systems (PCSs) that convert the 480 volt three-phase AC power to high-voltage DC power. For transit buses, there is likely one PCS per dispenser. Assuming that the PCSs are sited centrally near the input power, one hundred trenches will have to be dug from the PCSs to the dispensers. These trenches could be up to 800 feet long, and can cost well over $10,000 per trench. High-voltage DC wiring and data lines (which must be shielded from each other) also adds significant costs to the installation price tag, which is usually a large part of the overall EVSE cost.

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