Welcome the RES-D3-CS20 Dispenser to the Rhombus Family!

Joseph Gottlieb, CTO, Tuesday August 26, 2021

Today we launched our RES-D3-CS20 DC fast charging remote dispenser. The D3 remote dispenser has a number of new features, but the most important of these is our Serial Power Switching (SPS) capability. If you have been following our blogs for the past month, you know that we have been talking a lot about different the advantages and disadvantages to approaches for powering multiple remote EV charging dispensers from a single Power Control System (PCS). We worked with a number of our current and future EV fleet customers to understand what drove their use cases for multiple dispenser connecting to a single PCS. Our SPS architecture is the result of these discussions.

The SPS architecture serially connects up to five (5) RES-D3-CS20 remote dispensers to a single Rhombus PCS. The SPS architecture does not require the DC high-voltage switching gear required for parallel-connected multi-dispenser approaches, reducing the equipment footprint at the grid connection point. With our approach, each dispenser has a two-way switch that allows it to connect to the PCS power feed, or to pass that power to the next dispenser in the circuit. We were also able to cut the footprint of the new dispenser to a third of the RES-D2-CS20 charger (our previous-generation charger). And because the dispensers are connected serially, the amount of trenching required during installation is significantly reduced, lowering installation costs. And best of all, it connects to existing Rhombus PCSs without any need for modification or external equipment. We will be showcasing the RES-D2-CS20 dispenser at a number of tradeshows over the next few months, including the Advanced Clean Technology (ACT) Expo in Long Beach, California next week. We will be in Booth 1807 – stop by and see us!

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