Welcome to GFX and the Growth in Government Vehicle Electrification

Rick Sander, CEO, Monday November 15, 2021

Vehicle electrification, especially of fleet vehicles, is advancing rapidly, both within and outside of the US. The US Government (“federal”) vehicle fleet is one of the biggest vehicle fleets in the world, and if you have been following the news you know that electrification of this fleet is a hot topic, especially when it comes to the national infrastructure bills in Congress today. Our blog two weeks ago explored the makeup of this fleet and its charging needs. As you can imagine, fleet electrification is one of the central focuses of the Government Fleet Expo (GFX) conference this week in Orlando, Florida. This is reflected both in the number of sessions exploring electrification for government fleets (including state and municipal fleets) and the number of electric vehicle and EV charging infrastructure exhibitors at the conference.

Fleet vehicle electrification is driven not only by government mandates at the federal level (and in states like California and New York as examples), but also by criteria such as the significant reductions in maintenance that electric vehicles provide. Other concurrent trends such as telematics are helping to drive electrification as well, since EVs are by nature essentially “computers with wheels”. Given range and recharging concerns, telematics provide both a way to manage electrified fleets and maximize vehicle availability; these were seen by panel members as critical to successful fleet electrification. Power grid resilience is also a consideration (remember Texas earlier this year), especially for municipal, county, and state governments. “Buy American” is also a critical consideration for government procurements whether at the local, state, or federal level; this can be a challenge especially for charging infrastructure where much of the equipment is built overseas.

And if you are looking for made in the USA high-power DC fast charging systems for your government fleet EVs, look to Rhombus Energy Solutions. Rhombus is at the Government Fleet Expo (GFX) Show this week – reach out to us if you would like to meet with us there, or come by Booth 200 to meet with us. Our market-leading bi-directional EV charging systems (which are designed from the start for the needs of fleet operators) are designed and built in the USA. Rhombus also excel in the design of high-power smart inverters for next-generation renewable energy and energy storage deployments. Our expertise in energy management system (EMS) software is also embedded in our VectorStat EMS controller and software which is embedded in our EV charging systems and smart inverters. We have built over a thousand V2G-capable high-power, high-reliability chargers and bi-directional smart inverters for a variety of different sizes and classes of EVs.

Find out how we can help you by contacting us at news@rhombusenergy.com, or by reading our Vehicle to Grid Solution Brief.