We would love to have you join our team. Rhombus welcomes unique individuals with a broad range of skills, from diverse backgrounds. We encourage creativity, collaboration, work/family balance, and personal growth. We welcome anyone and everyone. Learn more below – from short video clips to stories about our awards. Be part of something more – not just a job – an opportunity to contribute to the development of sustainable technology to benefit the world.

Teamwork and Dedication


Cameron Cottrell | Lead Dispenser Technician


Cameron highlights the teamwork at Rhombus and the value of having people of diverse backgrounds and with different skills and strengths. The strength of teamwork in any organization is largely dependent on having dedicated employees who support everyone’s success. Cameron’s strong work ethic and interpersonal skills make him a great contributor to the Rhombus organization.

Knowledge, Experience, and Continuous Improvement


Scott Stromenger | Director of Operations and Field Services


Scott is extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of Rhombus Energy Solutions. Scott has been with Rhombus for the entire journey. He has extensive expertise in the field and, in addition to doing his own job, serves as a mentor and leader to others in the organization. Rhombus attracts and employs a range of qualified applications from students right out of school to seasoned professionals who are experts in their field. Scott recognizes the value of continuous improvement in the team Rhombus has put together.

Key to Success: Commitment to the Employee and the Customer


Joe Wright | Supply Chain Manager


Joe emphasizes the importance of being adaptable as a Rhombus employee. He emphasizes collaboration, teamwork, and how Rhombus employees achieve success by focusing on the goal, being accountable as individuals and working together to move the organization forward. He highlights the key component of any business success – putting the customer first. Joe exemplifies a top-tier Rhombus employee, in commitment and approach.

Individual Contribution and Employee Development


Shirley Cheng | Buyer


Shirley Cheng has many qualities that make her a perfect fit for Rhombus. She is dedicated, hardworking, thorough, and goal oriented. Shirley contributes to the benefit of the entire group, lending a hand and asking questions as need. Rhombus Energy Solution attracts employees who are self sufficient and who want to learn and grow in their position. Individuality and group contribution are both valued qualities in a Rhombus employee.

"Rhombus is proud to have an innovative team that works passionately and diligently for the development of environmentally sustainable technologies. Our company’s “DNA” is based on advanced Power Electronics engineering and allows Rhombus to be an innovator in solving some of the most important challenges of our time. Climate critical solutions in electrification, renewable energy, energy storage and microgrids all are enabled by advance power electronics technologies. Our inclusive company culture fosters driven and enthusiastic people that want to make a real difference in making the world a better and more sustainable place.”

Rick Sander

“It is fantastic to see how many of us are working to electrify transportation and how much need there is for v2g with all this charging infrastructure. When I look at a big electric vehicle, I see a giant energy storage box on wheels ready to help the grid and ready to reduce costs of ownership and operation. Rhombus is a leader in self-sustainable, zero emissions, high-power charging and, I am proud to be part of this cutting-edge technology.”

Joseph Gottlieb

“We hire the best people we can. And, we have high expectations for every team member. Each of us strives to continuously improve, collaborate, prioritize, and deliver excellence. It is this work ethic and drive that makes our employees highly effective. We value the contributions of each individual and provide the support, resources, and training to ensure individual, team, and company success.”

  Deanne Davidson
Vice President / General Manager

“I am thrilled to be part of the Rhombus leadership team. The electrification of medium and heavy-duty vehicles is critical to the reduction of greenhouse gases and with ‘vehicle to everything’ technology, we will enable energy grid resiliency, lowering grid operating costs and accelerating the return on investment of electrified fleets. Rhombus will play a critical role in this transformation. I look forward to working with others committed to impacting the EV infrastructure ecosystem.”

     Manoj Karwa
Vice President of Worldwide Sales

“Founded by some of the best engineers in the industry, Rhombus is led by a powerhouse team with a unique mix of industry experience and deep subject matter expertise. I appreciate working with professionals with a clear commitment to leading innovative solutions. Joining Rhombus means working with industry leaders – it is exciting to be a part of that team.”

  Kimberly Tom
CFA, VP of Finance

“Rhombus’s wealth of experience and field proven product lines position the company on a rapid growth path. Rhombus already has multi megawatts worth of power converters in the real-world environment working everyday. The renewable revolution is happening, and we are working hard to accelerate this revolution. Join our team to be part of this innovation!”

Dr. Anil Tuladhar
VP of Engineering

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