Rhombus Case Study for Advanced Power Electronics

The Set Up & The Plan:

In 2012 Rhombus began with the goal of being a world’s leading expert in Power Electronics Engineering. A cross-functional and multi-disciplinary team of experts were brought together to form Rhombus with the plan to be the best product development group.

The Case:

After a large OEM’s worldwide search had nearly been exhausted for Power Electronics engineering experts that it could partner with, they were told about the team at Rhombus.

The OEM is a leading supplier of off-grid, residential, solar & battery energy management products that needed help developing their next generation product.

The Results:

  • Rhombus and the OEM launched a successful Product Definition: The Rhombus engineering team had exactly what they needed to develop an innovative proposal that was well received and fully accepted.
  • Product Successfully Delivered: Provided Advanced Next-Gen Product for A Large OEM to deploy worldwide. The world’s most advanced residential, all-in-one microgrid was deployed.
  • Long-term Partnership Formed: Rhombus is now an integral extension of the OEM’s internal engineering team for many of their future projects that require Advanced Power Electronics Engineering.