Rhombus’ VectorStat® – A Game Changer Story

Rhombus will be offering a complete and flexible Energy Management System (EMS) platform (VectorStat®) with every Power Control System (PCS) or as a separate intelligent controller to be attached to third party equipment. No longer will end-users be captive to the high cost of outdated control software solutions.

The new energy operating system (VectorStat®) allows for full system control and ease of configuration without the complexities associated with custom centralized software implementations. This operating system runs in a distributed configuration allowing the flexibility required in the new distributed energy infrastructure.

VectorStat® has a well-defined, open source Application Protocol Interface (API) allowing customers to develop third party applications such as Peak Shaving by developing simple Applets without software fees and licenses. This software stack is fully transportable and can run in the Cloud, on a PC or on a dedicated controller. Included in the software stack a full security encryption and a full database that can be replicated or critical data can be shared between PCS’s in a peer-to-peer architecture.

VectorStat® is a Registered Trademark of Rhombus Energy Solutions, Inc. USA