Power Conversion
& Energy Management
at its Best

What We Do

The team at Rhombus designs and develops the most advanced systems for power conversion & energy management. We deliver highly efficient, custom solutions and robust products for integrating energy storage and renewable sources for commercial and industrial applications.

Our Areas of Expertise

  • Advanced Power Conversion & Control
  • Regenerative Test Equipment
  • Energy Management Systems
  • Battery Management Systems
  • Microgrid Control Solutions
  • Contracted Engineering Innovation
Learn More About What We Do

A High Power Testing Facility Used by Underwriters Laboratories

Rhombus is there for your testing and product validation needs.

underwriters laboratories logo When the world’s most recognizable electrical product certification company needed a testing and product validation lab for high powered energy conversion products, Underwriters Laboratories contracted Rhombus.

When UL needed design and engineering for a grid simulator to be used in their own lab, they contracted Rhombus.

To this day, UL calls on Rhombus to partner on high power projects that only our high power lab in Dearborn, MI can deliver.