A Solid Investment Opportunity in the Booming Energy Management Economy

Rhombus power control systems allows electrical energy to be harnessed from renewable sources and then stored to be converted for usable electricity in numerous commercial applications.

Our goal is to continually improve how electrical energy is converted, transformed and managed in the energy infrastructure of the future.

As renewable sources become more prevalent and the grid transforms to a distributed architecture, the need for Rhombus’ intelligent, efficient, energy management solutions becomes imperative.

Market Landscape

Rhombus is well-positioned to succeed in an expanding energy storage sector with enabling technology

Rhombus Has a Clear Advantage


 Ability to develop customer specific solutions in all power ranges.

Lower product development costs than competitors.

Top notch engineers with long track record of engineering advanced power conversion systems.

Speed to Market

Fast prototyping via in-house manufacturing and testing.

Vast experience in UL certification process using own high power lab.

Product Reliability

Robust products engineered together with leading technology firms using the latest technologies.

Proven product reliability with units operating in the field for more than 10 years without warranty defects.


Why is a grid isolation transformer important?

A grid isolation transformer gives the system a higher degree of safety with galvanic isolation, improves transient stability, reduces radiated emissions, and allows for wider and more user configurable AC line voltage and DC bus voltages.

Why is four quadrant, bi-directional power conversion important?

Bi-directional power conversion combines the ability to push and pull power to and from the grid and/or a battery. This allows a system to combine functions like charging and discharging a battery without needing a separate inverter and battery charger. Multi-quandrant capability can support new grid needs for reactive power control. Rhombus systems automatically detect the grid availability and change the operating mode as required.

Can the Rhombus Power Control Systems (PCS) be paralleled?

Yes, both on-grid and off-grid, the PCS can be paralleled in voltage or current mode. Each PCS can contribute to maintaining voltage on the output in off-grid mode and contributing to the amount of current injected onto the grid when on-grid. By paralleling PCS’s you can connect to multiple DC or AC sources while increasing the output power depending on how many units you parallel.

How do the multi power stage products work?

Rhombus products that have multiple power stages allow flexibility in how the system is configured. The power stage inputs are independent allowing them to be paralleled for increased power or split for separate applications. An example is that one power stage can be connected to a battery and the second power stage can be connected to solar.

Is off-grid or island mode possible?

Yes, all of Rhombus’ products are capable of operating without being connected to the utility’s grid. Sensors detect when the grid is not available and automatically configure the system to off-grid mode drawing energy from the battery or to power the critical loads. Off-grid mode runs the product in AC output voltage control mode maintaining a clean sinewave output at the requested voltage and frequency.

What is VectorStat®?

VectorStat® is a group of energy management controllers with integrated energy software and database, networked in a distributed architecture. VectorStat® operates as a peer-to-peer concept, where each node or controller represents a PCS or a controller connected to third party equipment or the software can operate on a PC or can reside in the Cloud. All of the controllers or nodes are in constant (user defined), peer-to-peer communication with each other. The software operating system has a well-defined interface that allows Applets to be used for various applications. The combined computer processing capabilities enable complex optimization algorithms and provide intelligent communications over smart power networks.

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