The Key is Superior Resiliency

328 Million Americans Share an Increasingly Fragile Electrical Grid

276 million autos are about to join

120 years after ac power became commercially available, we had come to take electrical power for granted, We expected it to flow 24 x 7 x 365 and were shocked and angry when there is a power outage. Our expectations have changed in the last few years after experiencing major power outages in California and Texas that effected millions for weeks.

As our nation grapples with investments to upgrade our electrical grid, the EV industry is working hard to transform the 276 million autos registered in 2019, into EVs. That will add a gigantic and highly variable load on our nation’s infrastructure and highlights the need for ultra-reliable high-power EV charging, storage, microgrid and management systems that will offload stress on the grid.

Can EVs power the grid?