Charge Two Buses Simultaneously!

With Rhombus 120 Modular DC Fast Charging

The Rhombus 120 DC Fast Charger Enables Simultaneous Charging

Rhombus 120 is our latest innovation that provides dual-channel, simultaneous charging, and a combined high-power single-channel output option for high-power vehicles. Proudly made in the USA, the Rhombus 120 is based on two 60kW power blocks that can run individually or in parallel. This latest EVSE technology breakthrough can charge two EVs simultaneously at 60kW or a single channel of 120kW when only using one dispenser, providing the ideal charging solution for commercial use or mixed EV fleets.

Rhombus 120 Modular DC Fast Charger

Ideal for EV Fleets

Power two EVs at 60kW or a single EV at 120kW with dual-channel charging

Continuous Operation

Designed specifically for continuous operation at rated loads

Reduced Footprint

Rhombus SiC technology reduces footprint and weight by 28%

Flexible Positioning

Locate the dispenser up to 500 feet away from the charger power control system

High Efficiency Wide Band Gap Technology

SiC technology has a variety of positive attributes for EV charging and power inverter use cases relative to IGBT technology. Chief among these is the ability to switch at significantly higher frequencies than IGBT-based designs. SiC-based EV chargers and inverters are more efficient than the equivalent chargers and inverters based on IGBT technology. SiC efficiencies can be as high as 98%, compared with typical IGBT efficiencies of 90%-95%. 

The Rhombus 120 delivers the same power in a 28% smaller footprint and eliminates the need for external cooling systems that create more operations and maintenance costs and potentially environmentally harmful conditions.

Continuous Operation at Rated Loads

At Rhombus, we apply our high-power electronics expertise to our unidirectional DC fast-charging solutions for commercial EV fleets such as school buses, public transit buses, delivery vehicles, refuse trucks and drayage tractors. Our EV charging solutions are designed specifically for continuous operation at rated loads.

These systems are also designed to support the unique needs of EV fleet operators, including the ability to remotely locate the small-footprint EV charging dispenser up to 500 feet away from the charger PCS. This allows optimal site placement in a high-density vehicle yard when considering utility power feeds and high-density parking.

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