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2010 Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo and Get on the Bus, Gus

(Rick Sander, CEO, September 10, 2019)

Today, we are joining our fellow technology leaders at The Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo and The Battery Show in Novi, Michigan. 650+ suppliers will showcase batteries, motors, inverters, and charging and testing systems. Additionally, there will be product demonstrations for the newest battery and H/EV design innovations. The product categories with the biggest presence this year are in automotive and battery components, and there is a strong presence in the areas of battery assembly, battery management systems, battery materials, pack assembly/integrators, component manufacturing, engineering, manufacturing equipment, research and development and thermal management – a hot topic, literally.

One notable keynote, Electric Vehicle Sustainability: Overcoming Barriers & Resistance, will be presented by Ed Begley, Jr, known for acting and activism. On the activism front, Begley has been a pioneer in EV vision, having driven an electric car since 1970. Begley humorously describes his start with electric vehicles:

“When I say electric car, I am being quite grand. It was a golf cart with a windshield wiper and a horn. It didn’t have a high-top speed—about 20 mph—and the range was about 20 miles.”

“Living in the San Fernando Valley, it was a good vehicle to get around with when it was too smoggy or too rainy, or when I had something big to carry that was too much for my bicycle, or to take on the bus,” he said. But the EV was a revelation in some ways. “I suddenly had a car that was not only good for the environment, but it was good for my pocketbook. It was so much cheaper to charge it than it was to buy 1970 gasoline.

Begley’s environmental activist daughter, Amanda, recalls the time her dad drove her and several friends in that early 1970 EV model to the movies. She says that as the car struggled, Ed Begley yelled at the girls, “How much do you weigh?” Fortunately, EVs have improved, with no passenger weigh-in required, and Begley graduated to electric vehicles better equipped to compete with their gas guzzling counterparts. He even had someone convert a VW Rabbit to an EV for him, and then moved to more standard EV options as they became available.

And, while Begley understands the car culture and people’s attachment to having their own transportation, Begley is a huge proponent of mass transit and has exemplary knowledge and appreciation for the bus systems and our transportation needs for the future, with or without cars as part of that equation. Begley advises people to “Take the low hanging fruit first. Get an energy-saving light bulb. Get an energy-saving thermostat and program it. Take public transportation as I did today… You are not only going to save the environment, but you will save money.” I think we can all agree that saving money is a great driver to change behavior, right? Get on the bus, Gus- one way to save cash.

Of course, reliability weighs heavily into that equation. Your choices must be reliable to be worthwhile. Our expertise in reliable charging solutions set the industry standard for heavy EV manufacturers and operators and still allow for customization. Contact me at to meet your charging needs.

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