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Myths Regarding Electric Vehicles- Myth #4 Stranded!

(Rick Sanders, CEO, Tuesday, October 8, 2019)

A common myth regarding electric vehicles is that you will not make it to the grocery store and back before running out of electricity. You will be stranded, roadside, in your suburban neighborhood with ice cream melting in the trunk. Or, worse, you will be stranded late at night, on that deserted road (why are you going down that deserted road at night anyway?), with no cell service for miles.

Okay, a few points- Americans drive an average of 40 miles each day. That’s it! For the 2019 model year, there are eight models that can run over 200 miles per charge. And, did you know that EVs have what is called a “turtle mode” that restricts power when the battery is very low to allow you a few miles to move off the road versus a gas powered car that simply stopped once the car is empty. Of course, in addition to all electric vehicles there are combination electric/gas hybrids to accommodate driving needs. While costlier EV models tend to have the longest range, there are several affordable long-range options including the Nissan Leaf (150 mile range) and Chevrolet Bolt (238 mile range) and the full-electric Hyundai Kona (258 mile range).

Some businesses are adding 220-volt chargers. Charging your electric vehicle overnight at home works for most consumers but the addition of charging at work offers no wait time as well. If you decide to take that road trip across the country and charge your EV at a charging station, a plug-in hybrid recharges in 1 ½ hours, an extended range plug-in electric charges in four hours, and an all-electric charges in six to eight hours. Additionally, fast-charging stations will re-charge a car to 80% capacity in under half an hour.

A 2018 AAA survey found that 63% of respondents indicated concerns about lack of charging stations as causing them to hesitate to purchase an electric vehicle. The good news is that statistic is 11% lower than 2017 statistics. Currently, there are over 20,000 electric car charging stations in the United States with almost 69,000 connectors. California, New Jersey, and New York have announced a combined investment of $1.3B to build more infrastructure. And, EVmatch, a California startup is matching drivers to charging stations rented out by homeowners and businesses. Volta partners with businesses to match charging speed to customer needs, such that a customer can charge while getting groceries or going to the movies. And, FreeWire Technologies manufactures mobile electric vehicle charging stations so that business people can charge their EV while at work. We can expect to see more options and innovation to match the surge in sales of electric vehicles.

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