Typical EV Charging Use Cases for Metropolitan Delivery Vehicles

Joseph Gottlieb, CTO, Tuesday October 26, 2021

Somewhere in the middle of the medium/heavy duty (M/HD) electric vehicle pack are metropolitan delivery trucks. These vehicles which span everything from “cut-van” vehicles (medium-duty trucks using full-size van drivetrains) to large single-body trucks weighing up to 33,000 lbs.; in many ways they are similar to school buses in the range of their size and weight. Ranges are similar to those electrified school buses, with most targeting ranges of about 250 miles. Finally, electrified metro delivery vehicles also have similar battery capacities to school buses, with battery capacities ranging from roughly 150kWh to 300kWh.

For these vehicles, the charging window is typically about 10 hours since most of these vehicles do not drive in the evenings. That means that a truck with a 150kWh capacity needs roughly 15kW per hour to fully charge, while a truck with a 300kWh capacity needs 30kW per hour to fully charge. That makes these vehicles very well-suited for use with Rhombus’ Sequential Power Switching (SPS) technology that is embedded in our RES-D3-CS20 remote dispenser. The Rhombus RES-DCVC60-480 60kW charger could charge between 2 and 4 of these vehicles in a night (depending on the battery capacity), while the Rhombus RES-DCVC125-480 125kW charger could charge between 4 and 8 of these vehicles in a night. This approach could reduce the cost to acquire and deploy the charging infrastructure for these vehicles by up to two-thirds when compared to the use of dedicated chargers.

And if you are looking for made in the USA high-power DC fast charging systems for those EVs, look to Rhombus Energy Solutions. Our market-leading bi-directional EV charging systems (which are designed from the start for the needs of fleet operators) are designed and built in the USA. Rhombus also excel in the design of high-power smart inverters for next-generation renewable energy and energy storage deployments. Our expertise in energy management system (EMS) software is also embedded in our VectorStat EMS controller and software which is embedded in our EV charging systems and smart inverters. We have built over a thousand V2G-capable high-power, high-reliability chargers and bi-directional smart inverters for a variety of different sizes and classes of EVs.

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