Rhombus Case Study for Microgrids

The Set Up & The Plan:

In 2015, Rhombus acquired a company and its team with a 25-year history in developing electric vehicles and power conversion solutions. This allowed Rhombus to have ready-to-market high power products, in-house testing and manufacturing capabilities for large, robust and innovative microgrid applications.

The Case:

An outcome of University of St. Thomas searching for key partners, led to Rhombus’ advanced and intelligent inverters. Their criteria for selecting a product partner for their microgrid included several attributes that distinguish it from the legacy grid. These included self-synchronization, hot-pluggable DERs, and intelligent and distributed peer-to-peer control methods.

The Results:

  • Microgrid-of-the-Future Planned Demonstration by 2018: The Rhombus hardware will be deployed in the University’s Microgrid Research Center and will culminate in demonstrating the microgrid of-the-future
  • Engineering Research Partnership Formed: The existing Rhombus products, independently anticipated through the University’s lab and practical microgrid deployment experiences, will help realize all of the desired operating characteristics in a state-of-the-art microgrid and provide the basis for an exciting partnership.